Empower Partners with Live with Kelly and Ryan to Relaunch White Cloud Bath Tissue


By Jack Neff. Published in Advertising Age November 15, 2017.

Procter & Gamble tried to kill it.

Nearly a quarter century later, Walmart deemphasized it as a private brand.

But White Cloud refuses to die.

In fact, the toilet tissue is rebounding as a national brand at Walgreens and a handful of supermarket chains, as well as at Walmart and its online affiliates, and on Amazon. That’s due to Kruger Products, the Canadian manufacturer that now owns the brand for tissue categories, relaunching White Cloud this year with new packaging, and a marketing campaign built around a recent on-air promotional tie-in on “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” arranged by Empower MediaMarketing in Cincinnati.

It’s just the latest turn in one of the twistiest tales in packaged-goods history. The story of how White Cloud went from a Procter & Gamble national brand to private label and was then reborn again is one of entrepreneurship, luck and persistence trumping corporate efficiency.

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