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Ep. 5: It’s (Still) Corn!

We find unpopped kernels of insight in the bottom of this pop-sensation’s bowl. Also, the NFL has just kicked off and we’re tossing you a new way for your brand to play along.

0:52 – Things get corny quickly.
2:04 – Corn-spotting.
2:53 – Corn Kid on Cameo.
3:58 – South Dakota Dreamin’.
4:15 – Leigh-Ann insults the University of South Dakota AND Nebraska by not knowing their mascots.
5:20 – Why high-production value fails on TikTok.
6:50 – Remix trends.
9:20 – Corn-splaining product rankings.
10:59 – Should your brand say Sirrrup or Seerup?
12:17 – NFL and brand engagement.
16:43 – TikTok algorithm updates.
17:08 – Leigh-Ann insults Gen Z.
18:00 – #NoHashtags. Why?
19:00 – More insults???