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Ep. 3: Not Fit for Human Consumption

More trends, can you believe it? LAB and TD discuss the latest in never-ending videos, neon condiments and sorority priorities, followed by a real-time, trend-based TikTok throw-down.

1:00 – Yes Loooord
4:39 – Pink Sauce: delicious or deadly?
8:02 – Raw Spice Bar – NO SAVINGS CODE. Sorry.
9:04 – ‘Bama Rush. Really?
10:02 – Tik-Tok Algorithm
12:08 – Can a Brand “game” the Tik-Tok system?
14:53 – Outro?
15:22 – Emoji Voices
16:47 – LAB tries it. Says another bad word.
17:17 – TD tries it. Totally wins.
18:10 – Outro

Big thanks to Max G!

Wed Aug 10