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Alex Marshall
President & Chief Growth Officer

From the early 2000’s, Alex has spent the last 2 decades developing outcomes-based solutions for clients. From living in London, Singapore, South Korea, New York and now Chicago, he has had the privilege of working for some of the world’s most prominent brands.

During this time, he has worked across varied positions from Executive Client Leadership, Digital Transformation and most recently overseeing Growth for multiple regions globally. His belief and passion comes from the simple question “What If”, which is designed to spark curiosity to strategically develop more impactful solutions and ultimately to deliver incremental growth for clients.

Alex previously held the position of Managing Director at Mindshare North America, responsible for their approach to marketing and growth across both a local and global footprint. Under Alex’s leadership, Mindshare US delivered $5bn in billing growth/retention in his 5-year tenure, ranking in COMvergence’s Top 3 New Business Ranking each year.

Prior to this he had positions across Dentsu Aegis as Vice President in the US and, General Manager, South Korea and APAC Regional Lead in Singapore. 

His experience also includes working for clients like Barclays. Telefonica and Aviva in EMEA, to Mastercard, adidas and P&G in APAC and finally Estee Lauder, Goldman Sachs and Diageo in North America to name but a few. 

Alex is now responsible for overseeing the marketing and growth of the Empower business. Working in partnership with Empower’s Executive Leaders, he will support the development of Empower’s solutions, to stay ahead of the dynamic media landscape and continue to meet the evolving needs and requirements of Empower’s new and current clients.

Alex is a thrill seeker who likes to live by his mantra of “What If”. From sky diving in Hawaii, to scaling volcanos in Indonesia to Scuba diving the depths of Andaman Sea in Thailand.