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Brett Mowry
SVP, Marketing Science

In leading Empower’s Intelligence division, Brett ensures we bring together research, data science, media analytics, and data solutions to unlock performance by seamlessly developing holistic views of the consumer landscape, our client brands, and campaign drivers. He also brings unique expertise in socially responsible analytics and data ethics that enables clients to deliver sustainable long-term growth.

With a career centered in driving results through analytical methods, Brett built his trade through leadership positions within multiple global marketing agencies, including OMD, Digitas, and Wunderman. He has led significant marketing transformations for brands such as Bank of America, Whirlpool, Disney, Eli Lilly, State Farm, and the U.S. Army. He brings a strong collaborative approach from his training grounds at Price Waterhouse where he was key in growth initiatives at McDonald’s, Bristol Myers Squibb, Unilever, and the U.S. Postal Service.

Brett Mowry
Why is Responsible AI a passion point of yours and mission critical to the future of sustainable growth for brands?
In the age of big data and machine learning, as marketers, we have immense power to influence society. If we begin with biased data and algorithms, we continually and exponentially expand the impact of that bias to millions of people. Consumers are now demanding more Responsible Analytics and Wall Street, through their significant ESG investing, rewards companies that focus on social responsibility. Those demands and investments are the fuel for sustainable business growth.
What client story are you most proud of?
It’s hard to choose…so many good ones. I spent a year leading research and analytics for a national financial services firm that serves underserved communities. It was a chance to truly understand consumers needs through focus groups and primary research, build out consumer segmentations that determined products needed for these communities, and activate these segments and help these communities through machine learning.
What’s your favorite restaurant in Chicago?
Hopleaf. It’s a Belgium pub on the north side of Chicago - true to it’s Belgium roots with an amazing kitchen and beer list. I’ve been lucky to see them grow as a community business over twenty years.