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Cathy Shaffner
Chief Investment Officer

As Chief Investment Officer, Shaffner is responsible for all media investment and creating innovative deals on behalf of our clients. Her focus is breaking down the walls between traditional and digital media and delivering data informed, platform agnostic video and audio investments. Shaffner oversees media partnerships and represents Empower’s expertise to clients. She is accountable for making the best investments with our clients’ money. Prior to the CIO role, Shaffner led marketing and media for many iconic brands including Ashley HomeStore, Meijer, Rust-Oleum, Sharpie, PaperMate and Expo.

with Cathy Shaffner
With such a dedicated career at Empower, what’s been the key in evolving at the agency?
Role diversity. I’ve worn many different hats over the past 25 years, and I’ve embraced each new opportunity with the drive to create something unique that drives our position as an industry leader. Taking risks and always seeking the “what’s next” on the roadmap has been key.
What advice do you have for your junior colleagues trying to make it in this business?
Develop strong relationships and partnerships. In a social media world designed to reduce human interaction, opportunities can be missed without good old-fashioned networking.
Opportunities can be missed without good old-fashioned networking.
How do you stay one step (or a few) ahead of the rest?
I don’t settle for what’s easy. I’m a fan of shaking things up and challenging the status quo. When we push ourselves to think outside the lines, amazing ideas come to life.