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Greg Clausen
EVP, Managing Director, Chicago

As Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Empower’s Chicago office, Greg provides strategic counsel and unwavering client advocacy while ensuring the full resources of Empower are maximized.

With over 25 years in the field of media and media research, Greg has extensive experience across a multitude of areas, including consumer packaged goods, financial services, insurance, ecommerce, healthcare, retail, consumer durables, direct response, and business-to-business media planning.

Some of his biggest fans include former clients like Procter & Gamble, Amazon, Motorola, Miller-Coors, Purina, ConAgra, H&R Block, Arby’s, Ace Hardware, Mazda, Corona, Moen, and many more.

A proud Michigan State University graduate, Greg is an avid golfer and loves to travel. Prior to joining Empower, Greg spent time working for agencies like Spark Foundry, ZenithOptimedia, Assembly, Cramer-Krasselt, and Doner (among others).

Greg Clausen
What do you love in your current role? What makes you excited to go to work every day?
Working in the media industry checks so many boxes for me. As someone who thrives on teamwork, I love the collaboration between our agency, clients, and vendors. There’s no greater sense of accomplishment than when we all come together for the greater good of delivering stellar business outcomes for our clients.
I also appreciate and look forward to the energy and great culture that we’ve built at Empower. As a tenured marketer, I have the honor of mentoring many who are just getting started. It’s extremely rewarding to play a role in the development of talented and impressionable young marketers to help them accomplish great things.
What is the most important trait you look for in someone looking to start a career in media?
Curiosity and having the confidence to ask, “Why?” In my experience, what someone studied in college isn’t a great predictor of how well they will perform in a media role. But the common thread I see across the most successful media professionals is the need to understand human decision making and having the dedication to seeking answers that don’t come easily.
If you weren’t working in marketing, what would you be doing?
I’d probably be a PGA Tour caddy. I love the game of golf and being on a golf course is my “happy place.” I’ve been described as unflappable and positive. When the pressure is on, I like being the calming influence. My daughter was a competitive golfer growing up and ended up playing at Michigan State. Junior golfers rarely get to use a caddy, but when she could, she always had dad on her bag. If your kid wants you out on the course, that says a lot!