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Jason Kodish
Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Jason “Kodi” Kodish is the Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Empower
Media, currently focused on building and developing a world class team,

toolset and suite of partners to continue to differentiate our state-of-the-
art Media Buying and Planning Practice.

Prior to joining Empower, Kodish served as the Chief Strategy Officer
tasked with the turnaround of Mastech Infotrellis; Global Data Lead for the
world’s largest Data and AI practice at Cognizant; Global Group Data Lead
for CapGemini and the Chief Data Officer of the Publicis Groupe, as well
as Global Chief Data Scientist at Digitas and Sapient.

During his 25-year career, he has developed numerous AI and analytics
tools and methodologies, including IDIOM, the premiere AI-driven agency
people-based planning and activation tool, as well as the agency’s
approach to attribution and the social listening/analytics methodologies
for BrandLIVE, a ground-breaking real-time marketing platform.
Kodi holds an MBA in marketing from the University of Notre Dame and a
BS in marketing and mathematics from the University of Florida