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Jason Kogut
SVP, Co-Head Integrated Planning

Jason Kogut co-leads the integrated planning team out of our Chicago office working closely with strategy, digital, and analytics.

He is obsessed with target analysis and understanding how brands can create a consumer journey through the constantly evolving media landscape. Jason has hands-on experience with commercial program strategy development and cross-channel implementation. Constantly looking to find what drives direct impact to desired client objectives, Jason is able to unpack even the most difficult marketing challenges and implement successful solutions.

Jason has gained valuable experience from working on multiple account categories such as Ashley, General Motors, Sprint, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Kimberly Clark, Jimmy John’s, and BP.

Jason Kogut
Describe a challenge you overcame that has helped shape you as a leader.
In such a fast-paced world, last minute client deliverables can quickly shift the direction of the day and more importantly, the priority of a team’s workload. Knowing this is the reality of the industry, it’s important to always take a step back before immediately attacking any request, regardless of the immediate deliverable date. Too many times I have seen people react before truly understanding the deliverable or pause to think about all resolutions to solve the given predicament permanently. In these situations, it’s important as a leader to help pause the commotion, be receptive to all ideas, and provide tangible clear direction to the team. With these simple steps, I help assure the client request not only gets done faster than if everyone wasn’t communicating with each other, but the final recommendation is strategic and effective to the immediate client situation.
What’s the one thing Marketers need to be mindful or to be successful?
To truly build a loyal customer requires a connection to the brand itself. Never underestimate the power of broader branding messaging and mass reaching mediums. Although every brand will vary for exactly how much budget should be allocated to upper funnel tactics, we live in a world were price and availability of product is always going to be comparable, as well as known, within the same given categories. To truly build a loyal customer requires a connection to the brand itself. Implementing sales and promotions will always boost performance for a short period of time, but to gradually build brand loyalists requires brand equity, something all brands can control with the appropriate story, creative, and media campaigns.
To truly build a loyal customer requires a connection to the brand itself.
What is your game of choice?
Roulette. Nothing is more exciting than watching that wheel spin as a group of complete strangers collectively cheer each other on!