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Jennifer Jackson
EVP, Managing Director Cincinnati

Jennifer has more than 20 years of media and marketing experience working for top Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Lenovo, Coca Cola Company, Disney Studios, and Proctor & Gamble. Her experience extends through multiple U.S. cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York as well as internationally in Guangzhou, China. This experience has given her a deep understanding of brand building through strategic media approaches. She strives to deliver the best solutions for her clients while growing and mentoring high-performing teams.

She is widely recognized as a force of nature amongst Empower clients like Wendy’s, Tempur Sealy and Fifth Third Bank. Having been at the agency for only two years, Jackson has made an unforgettable stamp on Empower.

Jennifer Jackson
Having led media teams across a wide range of markets, what is the one lesson that applies to all?
It is important to listen. Every market, and every client for that matter, is different. Always spend time to listen and understand the account from multiple people’s perspectives. This will allow for the most impactful nuance changes to accelerate team performance.
What makes you an effective leader?
I lead by example and I always have the team’s back.
I lead by example and I always have the team’s back.
How do you re-energize/refuel outside of work?
I start my morning with a run. It clears my mind and allows me to start fresh every day. I also love to spend quality time with my husband and two little boys. They really make me smile!