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Joe Lowry
Chief Financial Officer

As Empower’s CFO, Joe is responsible for the agency’s finance and accounting, management information systems, media finances and compensation as well as employee benefits trends and plans. He has dedicated more than 20 years of his career to Empower.

This “numbers” guy is also a creative thinker, constantly encouraging fresh thinking throughout the company. Joe motivates people to come up with ideas that not only contribute to Empower’s ongoing growth and success but also that help build our clients’ business. His team monitors and measures Empower’s performance on behalf of our clients so the entire agency is aware of the company’s impact. Prior to Empower, Joe worked at Deloitte Touche and Kao Brands and has a Master’s in business from Xavier University.

Joe Lowry
When you’re not crunching numbers and looking for opportunities to grow Empower, what are you doing?
It’s likely I’m either working on my golf game or cycling.
What do you attribute Empower’s steady growth and financial success to?
Always seeking new opportunities for growth. We treat client investments as if they were our own. Sure, the media expertise ensures ROI, but we adopt this mentality agency-wide in everything we do. It’s led to calculated risk-taking over the years.
What would people least expect to learn about you?
I find markets intriguing. All types- Stock, options, commodities, futures, foreign exchange etc. People would likely least expect to know this about me.