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Josh Flynn
VP, Word of Mouth Marketing

Josh leads the WOMM and Social teams at Empower with over 12 years of industry experience. He thinks through campaigns from the consumers’ perspective, ensures they are built on a shareable insight and pushes the team to build multi-faceted programs.

In his 6+ years at Empower, Josh has crafted meaningful influencer events and social campaigns with Shaw Floors, Brooks Running, various Kroger brands and Tempur-Pedic. He has also created idea-driven moments such as Fifth Third Babies that started conversation and authentic word of mouth which was then amplified by paid support.

Prior to joining us, Josh spent 6 years in Charlotte as an experiential marketing expert with a special niche for sports marketing.

Explain the value of having influencer, social and experiential capabilities embedded within a media agency versus operating as a specialized WOMM shop?
Paid social has always been a bellwether for us as a media agency. We have some of the premier talent in the country pushing the limits on what it can do for brand’s bottom line. The influencer, experiential, and social content pieces are the other side of the strategic coin. We can create the messages that make an impression, instead of chasing impressions. This is more effective because of the audience targeting we have across our media teams to amplify ideas.
How do you stay on the cutting edge of digital with ever-changing platforms and privacy policies?
It’s really a team effort. While I do read articles, watch webinars, attend conferences, there is so much out there to absorb that we constantly share information internally. Different team members have different platforms to monitor for updates and announcements which we put into weekly team insights. If a change is big enough, we will huddle to discuss impact and align on an agency POV. We understand how broad digital is and our teams are constantly updating each other and looking for ways to integrate.
We have some of the premier talent in the country pushing the limits on what it can do for brand’s bottom line.
What are you up to when you’re not spearheading grassroots efforts for brands at Empower?
Mostly my three kids keep me busy, but am super passionate about travel. Am constantly planning a trip as I am trying to get to all 50 states (45 out of 50) and internationally when I can.