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Kathi Stevens
VP, Intelligence

As VP, Head of Intelligence Kathi leads Research and Data & Analytics. Kathi has 19+ years of marketing expertise leading teams across consumer and media measurement with experience at Ipsos, ARS, ComScore and IRI. She is an expert in Market Mix Modeling and has worked across CPG & Retail clients to deliver actionable insights that fuel brand growth. Her client experience includes Bayer, Campbells, Hershey, Hormel, Kroger, Petco, P&G, Nestle, and Starbucks.

Kathi is passionate about making analytics accessible. Research and analytics need to be a part of the brand performance story and they need to be delivered with a clear point of view and actionable next steps.

Kathi Stevens
What do you love about data?
While I am an optimist at heart, I am always skeptical of data…ironic huh? As a result, there is nearly nothing that is as gratifying to me as when two, totally independent pieces of measurement (and methodologies) support the same story.
When you’re not analyzing numbers what are you up to?
I love running. I run daily. I have no desire to run a marathon, though I admire those who do. In the summer I also spend time hanging out by the lake and tending to my vegetable garden. I love having fresh veggies to cook with!
Patience makes us better listeners and much easier to be around.
Best advice you’ve ever received?
Be patient. So simple…yet so hard. I find time has a way of bringing all things around. Patience makes us better listeners and much easier to be around.