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Kellie Kantner
EVP, Head of Operations

In her five years at Empower, EVP, Kellie Kantner built the agency’s program management team where she has been directly responsible for process workflow and design, optimization and hands on implementation of these procedures, as well as ongoing resource planning and allocation for the organization. With Kantner’s proven success and the agency’s rapid growth, it was a natural progression into the role of head of operations.

Kellie’s experience in the marketing and advertising industry spans a decade with dedicated focus on Media, Management, Marketing (Media & Digital), and Social Media.

Kellie Kantner
How would you describe your leadership style?
I’d like to think I lead by example of being open, honest and flexible. Although I may be responsible for making decisions or solving a problem, I do like to involve others for their input and perspective to ensure it’s the best solution for others, the agency and our department.
What’s the key to an efficient partnership?
Although there is no magic wand, I do believe the efficiency and effectiveness go hand in hand and are founded on good relationships and flexibility while working smarter, not harder. Knowing your end goal, having a roadmap founded on sound processes, however, it’s just as important to know when and how to flex without compromising the quality of your work or your relationships built.
I’d like to think I lead by example of being open, honest and flexible.
What superhero embodies your personality and characteristics?
Wonder Woman.