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Krista Lang
SVP, Investment

Krista leads our Investment media team and comes to Empower with a successful history of leading her teams and clients to deliver on business goals. For over 20 years, Krista has worked with all channels and audiences on national brands like Nike, Baskin Robbins, GNC, Newell Brands, Truist Bank, Miller Coors, and Microsoft to name a few. Krista ensures that every dollar Empower clients spend is used effectively and efficiently. Her love for advertising comes honestly and she will tell you that she was born into the advertising world. Literally. Her mom was a corporate Media Director and her dad was a newspaper Sales Rep.

Krista Lang
What do you do to inspire your teams to produce creative media ideas?
I majored in sociology, so I have a natural tendency to observe social interaction and influence on activities. I try and bring this to media by really understanding the consumer’s action at the point of purchase or on their purchase journey. Helping our teams get in the consumer’s shoes helps stimulate ideas that you might not think of by just sending out RFPs or activating audiences.
Why do you love media?
Both my parents had careers in media and advertising, so I grew up fascinated by the pace of their jobs and the way it kept them current to the world around them. That pace has quadrupled in my tenure, but that’s exciting to me–the constant change and evolution that we navigate and try to get ahead of.
How have people described you?
I’ve heard the words ‘shrewd’ and ‘competitive’. With a core component to my role being a negotiator on behalf of clients, I love that.