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Rich Notarianni
Chief Consumer Officer

A pioneer in 360˚ communications planning, Rich has been the strategic architect for leading marketers, agencies, and media companies for over two decades. He’s authored strategies for brands including TD Ameritrade, Dos Equis, Schwab, Intel, Jaguar, Nestle, Exxon Mobil, Volvo, Sony, Polaroid and Lockheed Martin.

Prior to joining Empower, he spent time at NitroC as a chief strategy and data officer. Some notable moments in Rich’s career include helping FedEx embrace digital culture, designing an enterprise marketing approach for TD Ameritrade, developing Bloomberg media’s Bloomberg Green channel and developing next-generation growth strategies for High Tower Advisors.

Prior to his move to California in 2018, he was Chief Engagement Officer for Havas Worldwide Advertising; where he led the integration of creative, media and insights, as well as the agency’s data strategy practice. In addition to working directly with the agency’s top clients, he co-authored Havas’ global strategic approach and ground-breaking Brand Momentum Study.

He got his start in media planning and buying, ultimately leading media planning for Omnicom’s DDB before making the shift to communications and creative strategy.

He’s Chairman Emeritus of BPA International, the global media accountability organization, a Havas Lecturer at Princeton, and the author of The Good Life 2.0, A Roadmap for Sustainable Living for the WBCSD; an organization of 200 of the worlds’ largest companies committed to a sustainable world.

Escaping a lifetime of New York winters, he now lives in Santa Cruz, California where he plays bass with his surf rock band.