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Sean Dana
VP, Creative

Sean’s decade-plus experience in the industry crosses almost every facet of design and consumer experience. He has led teams to revitalize brands like Johnson’s Baby and RoC skincare while with Johnson & Johnson at the Global Strategic Design Office in New York. His curiosity to find new ways for art, design, and copy to impact an individual has led to the development of advertising campaigns, digital experiences, social content, packaging, environmental design and almost everything in-between. Sean has created new visual languages for brands including Covergirl, Aveeno, Pirelli Tires, LA Galaxy and Coca-Cola.

At Empower, Sean has been instrumental in bringing the agency’s Creative Media vision to life and making it a reality. A Creative at heart who wears the Media hat, Sean brings a strategic point-of-view to clients like TriHealth, Bush’s and Wendy’s.

Sean Dana
Where do you find design/creative inspiration?
Our industry is in a constant state of change and it’s our responsibility to stay on top of all the things. Inspiration can come from anywhere though. A conversation, a mistake, travel… we never really stop thinking about the challenges we have for ourselves or our clients.
As world traveler, what destination stands out most to you and why?
I have been to 24 countries over the last 10 years and honestly every destination is stand out. That seems like a cop out, but it is true. It all depends on why you’re traveling, who you’re traveling with and when you’re traveling. The 2 destinations I am looking forward to next are Bilboa and Casablanca.
Our industry is in a constant state of change and it’s our responsibility to stay on top of all the things.
What advantages does a Media savvy agency provide to Creatives?
There are a lot of advantages. We are able to inform each other and make our media and message stronger for better results across the board. We don’t just fulfill on a spec document that was sent over the fence. At Empower we meet as a team and create the best plan and campaign that will reach a consumer.