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Shaun Ethier
Chief Client Officer

As Chief Client Officer, Shaun oversees both the account service and program management departments. He’s responsible for ensuring world-class delivery of holistic omni-experiences across Empower’s client portfolio.

Shaun ensures his team brings exceptional creative, media and strategic thinking to every client and prides himself on inspiring his teams to deliver best-in-class work. Shaun has over 20 years of experience in marketing, advertising and sales.

Having honed his leadership skills alongside Navy Seals, he is a results-driven leader and evokes structure, focus and comradery among his teams.

Shaun Ethier
Describe how you ensure strong, collaborative working relationships with clients?
It’s critical to build relationships with clients on a foundation of trust, integrity and honesty. It’s critical that my team – and the entire agency – builds unbreakable bonds with our clients. We must be as invested in driving our client’s business as they are. If our clients know their success is our number one priority, we’ll both win.
What is the breadth of your advertising experience?
My track record includes market research, strategic marketing, sales planning, digital communications, word-of-mouth marketing, media strategy, creative problem solving and advertising development.
It’s critical to build relationships with clients on a foundation of trust.
What is your favorite podcast and why?
The Tim Ferriss Show. Every episode involves Tim interviewing the top performers in the world. He teases out the habits, practices and approaches that make these people the best of the best. I get nuggets of gold from every show that I work to apply to my performance to get better each and every day.