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Terry Dillon
VP, Creative

Terry Dillon is charged with bringing idea-led Creative solutions to clients at the speed of media. Fancy, right? Dillon was born and raised in Greater Cincinnati, where he studied disciplines only marginally related to marketing. He headed west to L.A. where thought he would build a fortune on Jeopardy! after qualifying to be a contestant. He was wrong. He worked his way up to becoming a staff writer at Warner Bros. for top comedy show Two and a Half Men—after assisting on That ‘70s Show and The Big Bang Theory. His training in visual writing has paid-off in award-winning campaigns for clients.

Terry Dillon
From writing jokes on the West Coast to writing award winning rap ballads about Cincinnati, what brought you back to the Queen City?
California was beautiful, but after a while, my wife and I wanted to spend some time outside of a traffic jam. Cincinnati’s a great place to enjoy family and build a career. Working at Empower is a chance to help build a creative underdog coupled with a media heavyweight. We can have a genuine creative/media partnership with clients.
Did you meet any showbiz luminaries in LA?
I got Henry “The Fonz” Winkler to sign my Subway® Rewards card and I picked up some woodworking tips from Nick Offerman.
I got Henry “The Fonz” Winkler to sign my Subway® Rewards card.
When you’re not in the content studio at work what are you up to?
Compared to the statistical norm, I have a lot of kids. To keep them occupied, I’m trying to use huge recycled billboard vinyls to turn a hill in my backyard into the world’s largest Slip ‘N Slide. The trick is pulling it off in a way that doesn’t lower the neighborhood’s property value or get me fined by the city. Stay tuned…