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Thomas Choi
SVP, Head of Strategy & Planning, Managing Director

Thomas is head of Empower’s Atlanta office. He is responsible for leading Empower’s Strategy + Integrated Planning team and overseeing the Creative team. His penchant for effective problem-solving, spearheading many market firsts, and proven track record of delivering on and exceeding client goals has been recognized by prestigious industry shows like the Clios and IAB.

He brings over 25 years of experience in strategy, client leadership, product and solutions development, digital, data, and tech. Thomas has helped clients build their brands, launch products, create demand, and drive commerce. His work to grow and transform businesses spans Fortune 500 companies in telecom, automotive, QSR, and retail-businesses operating at global, national, and local levels.

Prior to joining Empower, Thomas spent time working for Zenith, RPA, Spark Foundry, OMD, Moxie Interactive and 22 Squared.

Thomas Choi
What work or accomplishment are you most proud of?
My most fulfilling accomplishments are a product of challenges that begin with the assumption that something, “can’t be done” or, “doesn’t exist.” Trailblazing the right path, in your clients’ best interests, is always superior to taking the easy route.
I’m a products and solutions person at heart. Naturally, my favorite outcomes are when we challenge ourselves, as well as our partners, to create transformational and revolutionary solutions to client problems.
What is your favorite book?
A book that has been very influential to me is 'Make Your Bed' by Admiral William McRaven. Some of the principles and lessons that have stuck with me the most are:
-Start your day by accomplishing something, even as simple as making your bed.
-Without daring greatly you will never know what is truly possible.
-True leaders must learn from their failures, use lessons to motivate themselves, and not be afraid to try again.
-You cannot paddle the boat alone.
What drew you to Empower?
Our mission of finding a better way to do things.