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Tricia Wolfer
Senior Director, Broadcast

Tricia has worn many hats during her 20 years at Empower. Tricia’s passion for media and clients’ business is infectious. She is always on the leading edge of change, embracing it, and pushing our partners as proven through spearheading Empower’s Advanced Video/Innovaction Summits where she goes toe-to-toe with media partners to explore never-been-done-before ideas that change the game of the industry. Products that are a direct result from Tricia’s summits include:

  • Testing :06 ads before they were widely adopted.
  • Executing the industry’s first data-driven programmatic buy fueled by first-party consumer data. This groundbreaking campaign drove twice the return on ad spend versus non data-driven and age/gender buys.
  • Trailblazing Advanced TV, fighting for a tenth of a point to beat the market in the Upfronts, convincing clients to shed the GRP and flawlessly building customized brand integrations.
  • She has been a key contributor in providing feedback on the development of Open AP which enables unified, consistent audiences within premium TV content at massive reach and scale.
  • Tricia has a proven ability to prove the effectiveness of media plans by identifying the networks that are most responsible for driving traffic in-store for a client.
Tricia Wolfer
What is your nickname around the office?
The velvet hammer. I've been told my positive energy and passion for my craft is infectious, but I'm also a force to be reckoned with.
Where did the idea of hosting advanced video summits stem from? How does this give Empower’s clients a competitive edge?
When our clients were riding the wave of shifting dollars to digital, it became a goal of mine to understand how Empower could bring digital like targeting to TV; being able to target and guarantee on audiences, not age/sex demo. This was not going to happen with just picking up the phone, it needed to be in person, hence the birth of the Advanced TV Summits, inviting publishers in to talk to us specifically about this desire to be more audience focused. We in turn listened, ideated and challenged the industry, trailblazing the path for the first Advanced TV capabilities for our clients!
What is it about Empower’s culture that’s inspired you to spend 20+ years of your career here?
Empower provides the balance I need to tackle the professional part of me with the personal part. When you really like what you do when you walk through the doors at Empower, along with the opportunity to be the woman I need to be outside these four walls, it makes you want to be the best all around individual you can be. Also, the flexibility and trust the management at Empower gives me to bring out of the box thinking to life, really defines my purpose and passion to do awesome work for our lucky clients to reap the benefits!