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Small Steps Can Make a Big Difference for Your Social Media Audience
COVID-19’s omnipresence on the news, Internet and social media is impossible to ignore. As a result, in the past 10 days, Social Media usage has noted a steep increase.

Some visit social for an escape, for the latest news or to simply to see what others are doing, cooking and entertaining themselves during this time. In other words, Social Media is helping consumers connect with news, content and each other from home. As marketers, it’s essential to take the responsible path when managing brands’ social media campaigns. It is expected that social media activity will be increasing these next few months. Organic posts – as well as paid social media advertising campaigns – will be exposed to a new, larger set of relevant and engaged viewers. This opens up the opportunity to earn new customers previously unreached by alternative channels while continuing to connect with long-time followers.

5 Simple Ways to Meaningfully Connect With Your Consumers Today:

1.  Share Positivity with Purpose-Driven Messaging. By taking a positive spin on your brand and helpful tone for your community, customers and employees, your brand can stand out from any contextual negativity and provide an uplifting break in the clouds.

Cadillac is a great example of a company taking this approach with their “We have your back” campaign across digital media, highlighting their commitment by giving customers complimentary OnStar Crisis Assist services and in-vehicle Wi-Fi for all customers with the available features.

2.  Build Community Engagements. In this time of isolation, consumers may be seeking opportunities to connect, whether with brands or each other. Inviting conversations with audiences, and importantly, replying with a positive message, offer a simple way for those looking for connection. One step further? Create virtual connection opportunities, whether through a playlist, a walking group or even a live chat or lesson.

3.  Display a Calm Tone. Brands should leverage a calm, collective tone of voice. Instead of highlighting sales or limited-time offers with exclamation points and all-caps, stand out in the marketplace by ensuring that your brand is available and willing to help in any way possible to your consumers. Be forward, direct and confident. In times like these, a brand’s tone of voice can truly speak volumes.

4.  Make it Personal with Customer Service. With widespread uncertainty comes a heightened need for expanded customer service. Whether this means shipping delays, altered store hours or letting consumers know where to find your products, being proactive with social-first customer service will allow your current and future customers to see your brand’s dedication to its consumers. Consider taking advantage of tools like Facebook Messenger to automatically answer individual consumer questions in a way that feels personal. Social Media Examiner, a reliable outlet for all things social media, has a great article on how to use Messenger for customer service.

5.  Keep it Going. A brand’s presence in the algorithm depends on its presence. Shutting down social now will make it harder to get back in later. Maintaining your cadence, updating with positive, purpose-driven messages, inviting engagement and sharing updates on your own supply end are all viable content strategies that can help ensure you have a meaningful presence in the coming weeks.

As social distancing and isolation become more commonplace for the foreseeable future, budgets, plans, and strategies will shift. Having plans – and appropriate action – in place now can reassure consumers that your brand is here to help. The situation we find ourselves in will eventually pass. When that time comes, things will need to change again. The next round of adjustments will be crucial to give your business the best shot at success. It’ll help that you were always around with the best intentions.