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The New Normal Field Guide: How To Navigate Marketing Post Covid-19
At Empower, we have been working tirelessly to learn fast and stake a position regarding the best way to get your marketing up and running again post COVID-19.

If you are familiar with our agency, you’ll know this is one of our core values—”Plant the Flag”—in action. We take a position backed by strong conviction. In this case, our Retail Center of Excellence team has created a “Field Guide” on how to navigate your marketing through the first 90 days post COVID-19. While we don’t pretend to have all the answers, we are confident it represents the major strategic steps necessary to get your business up and running again in the “New Normal.” – Jim Price, CEO Empower

When Stay at Home/Shelter in Place orders are initially lifted, we are recommending a Crawl, Walk and Run marketing strategy. In this document, Empower’s Retail Center of Excellence team will focus…

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