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Three Tips for a Successful Live Shopping Event
Live shopping has taken the retail world by storm.

Especially effective in reaching the Gen Z target, live shopping events have serious potential for brands. Each event is unique and completely customizable. Of course, there is no shortage of best practices, but what makes it so applicable to brands of all kinds is the level of customization. Factors like when, where, who, event duration etc. can all be catered to what you are selling or who you are selling to.

Having recently hosted our first events of this kind, our team wanted to share our top three learnings. These tips apply across the board and can help ensure you don’t miss the mark when it comes to the most important details of your event.

1. Hype Your Event​

Shoppers don’t typically stumble upon live events. Leverage your following across platforms to build awareness and create excitement leading up to your event. Partnering with a brand or influencer? Cross-promote and make sure to leverage their following, in addition to your own. ​Having a strong paid media plan in place will ensure that you are not just able to count those you reach, but efficiently reach those targets that count the most.

2. Create a Reason for FOMO​

Incentivize shoppers with limited-time or limited-quantity offers. Create an opportunity for your shoppers that does not exist pre and post-event. Think of your events as unique shopping events-not just a different place to buy the same thing for the same price. ​

3. Build a Connection with Event Attendees​

Storytell during the event and build interest by sharing product and insider-level knowledge. If your event host is not the product expert, consider bringing that individual in to co-host. And make sure the host(s) engage with the viewers by addressing questions posted in the chat, prompting polls etc.​

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