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5/3 Babies =
Fifth Third Parents

In an oversaturated personal banking market, how could Fifth Third roll out their new rebrand–a Fifth Third Better–in way that proves they truly make banking a fifth third better for families? Knowing that people are most likely to switch banks during major life events, like having a baby, Fifth Third seized a way to create a personal connection with parents of babies born on 5/3.

In honor of 5/3 Day and Fifth Third’s rebranding launch, the bank celebrated with community involvement like no other. Empower helped hospital staff members across the region deliver “Fifth Third Better Kits” to parents of babies born that day. The kits contained meaningful gifts including: $1,053 that could be deposited into a Fifth Third account of the parents’ choosing, local restaurant gift cards, a spa gift card and a “Banker in Training” onesie.

Without any pre-promotion, Fifth Third Bank’s #53Babies campaign generated more than 490,000 unique impressions of earned media. The bank’s follow-up social posts exceeded all benchmarks, including the highest engagement rate across all Facebook posts, 37.5% ER (36% above goal) and the bank’s only post of the year to score a Facebook relevancy score of 10. Engagement rates surpassed goals on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All platforms had a cost per engagement rate below 10 cents. And since the test-and-learn was such a success, Empower followed up with a similar campaign in Chicago, Fifth Third’s largest market.

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