Gorilla Glue

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25% Sales Lift in 6 Months
20% Exceed Year-over-year Sales Goals Each Year

Finding the Approach
that Sticks

In a highly competitive multi-billion-dollar category, Gorilla Glue found itself out-spent in ads and out-distributed. The brand needed a comprehensive media solution to put Gorilla Glue on the map–everywhere. Empower proved that smart media could be a game changer.

Our strategy focused on driving uber-efficient mass reach across the spectrum of DIY homeowners, from the not-so-confident to the pros. We needed them to see that Gorilla Glue is an essential, indispensable tool. We participated in the traditional Upfront and partnered with Cadent, among others, to aggregate near-national cable TV schedules at a fraction of the cost of true national cable. By using an insights-driven, mass-media approach, we targeted our audience wherever they encountered home improvement content to deliver high-impact videos and powerful influencer recommendations by DIY stalwarts like This Old House and HGTV.

The campaign exceeded the brand’s goal to raise awareness and promote product education. Gorilla Glue saw a 25 percent sales lift after only six months with no increase in spend. As the company continues to exceed year-over-year sales goals by 20 percent each year, we’ve proven that smart media spending can flip a challenger product into a brand that truly sticks.

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