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What does “cold” mean to you? It probably depends on where you live and the time of year. This insight, that cold is a relative term, became the basis for a never-been-done-before weather-trigged campaign that lifted O’Keeffe’s sales by double digits.

Dry skin sufferers seek extra relief during cold weather. So when temperatures drop, sales spike for O’Keeffe’s skin care products. O’Keeffe’s sought to take advantage, and challenged Empower to activate media during “cold” weather. First, we needed to define “cold.” Empower analyzed insights from prior digital campaigns, national weather patterns, social listening and syndicated data to define “O’Keeffe’s cold” by temperature, dew point and temperature drops.

Next, we served up impressions when it was “O’Keeffe’s cold” in any given region across the country. We partnered with a weather data source to trigger media based on real-time weather conditions, even layering on audience data to further target dry skin sufferers across digital screens throughout their day. We also triggered messaging in out-of-home digital screens, and at malls, gyms and doctor offices. For video content, we partnered with The Weather Channel to create a fully flexible schedule that shifted spots based on changing weather patterns–a totally new approach that had never been tried before.

New technology, new data sources and new partnerships delivered on flexible, weather-triggered media–and business results. O’Keeffe’s experienced double-digit sales increases during their key season, and the brand team leveraged their success story as a selling strategy with retailers.

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