6% lift in brand awareness
78% felt they should consider TriHealth
77.2MM+ impressions

Putting TriHealth’s marketing in intensive care


Health care advertising can be invisible.

Without a compelling message and precision placement, many ads in the category—with their well-intentioned platitudes and standard images of doctors with patients—go unseen and unnoticed.

TriHealth, a health system in Cincinnati, needed to stand out in this sea-of-sameness. Known primarily for a few select hospitals, they wanted to stabilize their business by getting consumers to understand that they are far more than that. They are a comprehensive hospital system, covering the entire range of medical needs.


We broke the mold of traditional healthcare advertising by pushing Creative boundaries. And our strong media chops helped inform Creative choices.

Creative informed the Media Plan.

Geo-targeted messages for new and expecting moms touted TriHealth ‘pediatricians are so close you can ‘borrow’ the wifi.’

And social listening uncovered the true impact of the medium. We launched day-parted messages on Friday afternoons about relevant opening hours… because we know ‘your kids illness barfs on your schedule.’

We ran high impact outdoor campaigns that both informed and entertained – like a baby counter billboard to showcase TriHealth’s delivery experience.

Our creative use of TV, radio, print, out-of-home and digital formats, revolutionized healthcare advertising.

Consumers were precisely greeted by a new look and feel unlike anything in the market and served compelling messages at the right place and time that communicated TriHealth’s full range of services.


Within only 6 months of campaign launch, there was a 6% lift in awareness of TriHealth. Not only that, 78% of people exposed to it, and in need of health care, felt they should consider TriHealth.

Within one year, we helped gain over 77.2 million impressions for the brand, reaching nearly everyone in Cincinnati an average 5 times per week through either OOH, Radio, TV, Social or Digital.

TriHealth was more visible than ever.

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