2016 Agency of the Year

MediaPost has recognized Empower as the 2016 Agency of the Year. Find out more about this celebrated industry award.

Our Capabilities

“Over the years, I’ve worked in almost every department. Come see what Empower can do for you.” — Kate Rechtsteiner, Director, Client Leadership

Our History

“As a women-owned agency, Empower has a rich and captivating story. Learn more about it here.” — Yvonne Starkey-Posey, Director, Client Leadership

Our People

“I work with some of the most talented, caring people I’ve ever met. Meet my colleagues here.” — Stacy Anderson, Vice President, Planning

Our Culture

“Innovation is a mindset for us – we just added local television to our programmatic buying tool, ClearTrade. Let me take you through how we do it.” —Mitch Dunn, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning

Our Work

“Empowered brands use data-driven plans to bring their goals to life every day. Watch it happen here.” —Tim Glover, Vice President, Client Leadership


“Empower gave the opportunities I needed to achieve my life and career goals - join us here and achieve yours too.” - Katie Unkraut, Director, Digital Media