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Empower’s Connected TV Panel Experts Dish Out Key Insights on Growing Trend
The burgeoning age of “cord cutters” has initiated one of the hottest new trends in our industry: Connected TV (CTV).

At its core, CTV is simply an internet connected television/device; think Roku, smart TVs and gaming consoles. Though CTV has been primarily consumer driven, it’s now a ripe and exciting opportunity for advertisers. Where once content (and your video ads) streamed on a desktop or mobile device, CTV amplifies it to a bigger screen for a more immersive experience.

Source: State of the Screen

As more TV offerings and subscription services flood the market, marketers buying video are constantly facing the questions of who, what, where and when.

As part of Empower’s 2019 CTV Panel, five experts from The Trade Desk, Telaria, Alphonso, Dish Network/Sling TV and Fox Networks came together to discuss the latest and greatest in the CTV space. Here are a few key takeaways.


CTV offers a surplus of inventory that is now at the fingertips of advertisers. It’s a whole new medium with a range of pricing options, aimed to reach users on the device of their choice. While tactics like addressable TV have grown exponentially in scale, the cost and reach options within the digital CTV environment is a unique benefit. If utilized correctly, CTV will ultimately provide a more diverse universe, giving advertisers even more options.

Live events are not immune to CTV’s reach, either. Spectacles like the NBA Finals, World Cup and the Oscars all have CTV ad spots available for advertisers who traditionally couldn’t afford linear television buys, but can now access premium TV-like video inventory.

Targeting & Measurement

Along with the vast amount of inventory, CTV allows us to merge the precision of digital audience-driven targeting to the beauty of a linear television environment. Instead of using cookie and device IDs like traditional digital targeting, CTV targets a person or household via an IP address. Empower partners with data providers like TruOptix, who specialize in CTV targeting with segments including from demographics, intent, purchase behavior and more.

CTV gives way for more measurement and real-time optimizations like frequency, unique reach and app-level insights. With partners such as Cuebiq, Millward-Brown and Nielsen, Empower is able to make timely data-informed decisions. For example, we can understand lift and store traffic in the midst of a campaign instead of a post campaign report, allows us to optimize strategically in the moment.

Other Key Points

  • While CTV might deserve a spot on your media plan, advertisers will find it most effective in conjunction with their existing efforts.
  • Brand safety is still something to keep an eye on. We’re not sounding the alarm, but DO NOT have a set-it-and-forget-it mentality when it comes to monitoring brand-safe placements.
  • CTV is part linear and part digital, so create your plans holistically and don’t get sucked into silos. While CTV is consumed like linear television, it’s measured like digital media.
  • Roughly 30% of the US population is “unreachable” via linear television. A majority of these individuals or households are millennials – with about 50% of millennials only watching CTV.