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Gorilla Glue and Empower’s 6-Second Ad Ranks in Top 5 on YouTube
Google announced that Empower client, Gorilla Glue was the No.5 bumper ad on YouTube in all of 2018.

Adweek reports that many of the ads on this year’s list were created specifically for the six-second format – a prime opportunity the independent Creative Media Agency identified during its advanced video summit and pushed clients to pursue.

Featured on Think With Google Leaderboard, Gorilla Glue is among an impressive list of brands like Duracell, Reese’s, Pringles, and Domino’s for having the year’s most-watched six-second ads on YouTube.

The Empower team first recommended testing six-second bumper ads back in 2017 when the format first was announced. After initial tests showed lower CPMs and drive lifts in awareness and ad recall among key audiences, the brand rolled out bumper ads to most of their product pillars throughout 2018.

Empower’s Google partners said,

“It’s a BIG DEAL making it to the top five leaderboard for the year in a category! Truly speaks volumes to the effectiveness and power of their creative strategy on YouTube, and the work you’ve done at Empower, getting the message in front of the right people.”