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Let’s Get Personal: How Businesses Can Stand Out In Times Of Crisis
As seen on Forbes.com, VP of Marketing and Communications, Meghann Craig talks about how getting personal can lead to better business results – especially in times of crisis.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’s not personal; it’s business.” However, I’d argue my place of business is personal. Where I choose to invest my time, energy and ideas is a direct reflection of me. The COVID-19 pandemic is throwing most business plans off course. Organizations are figuring out how to operate, day by day, as breaking news unfolds about social distancing and government policies. While people fear the economic impact the pandemic will have on businesses and employee livelihood, a time of crisis is also an opportunity to bring to life a company’s mission and values in unique ways by “making it personal.”

The three key tenets to the “make it personal” model include: using talents for good, adopting a people-first mentality and building meaningful connectivity.

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