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Allison Walker
SVP, Managing Director – Media Strategy

Allison, was named Chicago Interactive Marketing Association’s Rising Star in 2013, Allison’s ability to create strategic IP has continued to shine over the past decade. From Media Planning to Analytics, her experience spans multiple disciplines working with industry giants, including State Farm, Sears, H&R Block, General Mills and Kimberly Clark to build customer centric strategies.

In her most recent role as Managing Director at Mindshare, she oversaw the Strategy and Operations for Kimberly Clark while concurrently helping craft Mindshare’s integrated planning process. Prior to Mindshare, her entrepreneurial spirit and passion to solve complex business strategies led her to co-found Hexagon, where she led Customer Strategy until departing in 2015.

Armed with a consultant’s mindset, Allison has the rare ability to go both broad and deep on topics like data, audience planning, communication planning and media strategy. Combining these skills with her gifts in verbal and visual storytelling enables Allison to make complex topics simple and easy for non- expert audiences to follow along – it’s her superpower!

Allison is excited to join Empower at this time of transformative growth and is committed to approaching every strategic problem with childlike curiosity, starting with “who” and “why” to solve for “how”.

Although not a Chicago native, Allison has grown to call the “Windy City” home and is proud of her Midwestern roots. She and her husband Ian keep life interesting (or chaotic) as new parents to their 6 month old daughter and puppy golden retriever.