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Brian McIntyre
Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Brian provides strategic leadership for the agency’s business and finance functions.

With over twenty years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry, he has led finance and operations teamsboth domestically and internationally.  He is a business builder who has successfully grown multiple businesses over his career organically and through navigating over 20 acquisitions and integrations.

Previously Brian was the Chief Financial & Chief Operating Officer for a portfolio of business units within Publicis Groupe.  He also oversaw the financial performance of one of its largest global accounts. His experience includes leading data and digitally focused agencies, as well as shopper marketing, CRM, experiential, and not-for-profit businesses.

Brian is relationship obsessed and believes that a people-first culture is the cornerstone to fostering growth and long-term value creation.  His superpower is an ability to transformfinancial data and insights into decisions and actions that connect overarching strategy to profitable and sustainable results.