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Yating Sun
EVP, Head of Marketing Science

Yating is recognized as a creative, visionary, and committed leader and life learner with multi-disciplinary skills and decades of expertise in analytics, leadership, organizational management, product management, and operations. Prior to Empower, she served as Marketing Science & Tooling lead at Meta, was one of the founding members of Global Marketing Science SMB, focusing on helping mid-market advertisers across CPG, Retail, Ecommerce, Travel, Tech, restaurants grow via transforming their marketing practices grounded in data, technology and science. Successfully grown thousands of advertisers into sophisticated digital marketers and contributed to $B annual revenue growth.

Agency is no stranger to Yating, prior to Meta, Yating was analytics lead at Dentsu Merkle, helping clients with strategic planning to customer acquisition, retention and cross channel investment using cutting-edge analytics and Machine learning approach, led to doubled customer acquisition growth with lowered cost per acquisition by 195% YOY for clients.

Throughout her career, Yating has led both global and regional teams in Agency, advertisers and platforms with experience running scaled engagement models, complex cross media programs, and successfully drove 0 to 1 and 1 to 100+ automation transformation for 1,000+ employees and 10,000+ clients globally, to do more with less.

Yating obtained her Master of Science, Marketing Analytics degree from University of Maryland; She is also getting her postgraduate degree in Machine Learning / AI application from UT Austin by Feb 2024.

Yating is known for building high-performing teams and partnerships, bringing innovation and vision with clarity and direction, fostering inclusion and community and producing a rich legacy of thought leadership. She believes that business thrives on meaningful human connections. At the core of everything are people. Whether they’re clients, direct team, cross-functional team or stakeholders, people are the heartbeat of any successful endeavor.