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Chris Clarke
Executive Chairman

Chris is regarded as one of the most significant thought leaders in the advertising and marketing world. He is credited for revolutionizing marketing in the early 90’s with the establishment of guerilla marketing and innovating digital marketing in early 2000’s.

Never one to settle, Chris has redefined the ad agency model by, quite simply, ensuring his agencies were focused on consumer relevancy by providing integrated solutions with one single focus: Client ROI.

Chris founded Nitro in Shanghai in 2001, redefining the advertising industry by vertically integrating industry offerings: innovation, brand strategy, traditional advertising and, at the time, the burgeoning digital advertising sector. With an eye on the future of where both consumers and advertisers need to be, Nitro quickly became a global network with seven offices around the world and a blue chip client base that included Mars, Nike, Unilever and Coca-Cola.

In 2009, Nitro merged with Sapient, creating SapientNitro, which became the largest independent advertising and digital agency in the world. During Chris’ tenure as Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at SapientNitro, the company was a global phenomenon growing to  9,500 employees and 36 offices around the world.

Chris’ roots in advertising date back to 1993 when he recognized that the holding company model was destined for irrelevance.  So while the rest of the industry focused on consolidation and Wall Street profits, Chris bucked the trend and stayed true to his belief that great creative rises above all else, and he founded Pure Creative. It quickly expanded into seven offices, from Melbourne to Beijing, and became one of the hottest creative agencies in the world. Clients included Mars, Procter and Gamble, Coca-Cola, and the Australian Tourist Commission. Pure Creative was acquired by Leo Burnett in 2000.

Chris is passionate about philanthropy and has been a board member of The Chopra Foundation, Children of Fallen Patriots, MindUp and Malaria No More.

Chris is a successful Tony Award Winning, Broadway Producer. Chris co-produced the adaptation of the movie, “Tootsie”, into a Broadway musical-comedy that earned beloved reviews and 11 Tony Award Nominations. He also co-produced the Broadway hit, American Buffalo starring Lawrence Fishburne and Sam Rockwell that received 4 Tony Nominations.