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Empower Webinar: CultureTap Holiday Content Planning Guide
The Holidays...

For consumers, it’s the “most wonderful time of the year,” but for marketers, it’s crunch time. While we’re decking the halls in the physical world, the digital space is bursting at the seams with brand ads, discounts, giveaways and gift guides from brands determined to drive sales. Shoppers have endless options. Brands, on the other hand, struggle to stand out.

Our CultureTap Holiday Content Planning Guide highlights key trends, themes and strategies that can help home category brands’ digital marketing approaches shine this holiday season.

CultureTap is Empower’s trend identification platform, which helps brands participate in moments that matter. Unlike social listening tools, CultureTap isolates relevant cultural, category, brand, or competitive trends so smart marketers can act before it is too late.

Our Host

Leigh-Ann Bortz, Senior Director of Product Development