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Why You Need Attribution at The Center of Your Media Plan
One of the hardest questions for any marketer to answer is: How should I spend that next marketing dollar? Whether you’re planning a full-year campaign or supplementing your current execution, there are many factors to consider.

The availability of data, attribution products and methodologies has grown significantly in recent years, and it can be difficult, if not impossible, to evaluate all of the options. There are two primary products we offer clients that empower them to answer that key question:

Marketing Mix Modeling

For cross-channel strategic level insight, marketing mix modeling is the best tool for the job.

Empower offers marketing mix solutions with robust simulation capabilities that allow our clients to run what-if scenarios and examine the impact of diminishing returns all at a fraction of the price of traditional MMM vendors.

Additionally, our tight combination of analytics, strategy, and integration teams allows us to quickly and dynamically identify opportunities and capitalize on model driven insights.

Marketing mix models are relatively easy to implement on the client side. In 2018, Empower has built and implemented marketing mix models for clients of sizes ranging from one store to 1,000+. Model driven insights have resulted millions of dollars of incremental revenue for Empower clients.

TV Attribution

TV attribution has grown in popularity in recent years since the introduction of smart TVs.

At Empower, we offer an in-house fractional TV attribution product that allows us to provide airing level web and offline KPI attribution to clients. Additionally, we partner with world class TV attribution providers like iSpot TV.

These solutions allow us to provide attribution at the airing level for our client’s TV campaigns and can be executed against digital or offline conversions. Tying those attribution results to past spend allows us to optimize and supplement campaigns at a granular level that was previously only possible in the digital space.

Optimise Your Media Mix

Both of these products will make your brand smarter and give you insight into both how your marketing has performed in the past and how you should spend that next dollar for the future. Combining them provides an even more insightful view of marketing performance and efficiency. Pairing powerful analytics with world-class integration and strategy teams allows Empower clients to maximize the impact and efficiency of every marketing dollar.